-About Us-

About Us

KAP SES is a registered public accountants accounting, business advisory and tax consultants building for growth your business.

Sriyadi Elly Sugeng & Rekan Public Accountant Firm (KAP) engaged in Audit, Accounting, and Taxation services in Indonesia. Fully supported by experienced partners, qualified experts, and professional staffs, KAP. Sriyadi Elly Sugeng & Rekanprovide optimal services objectively and professionally, in order to support clients achieving business goals and provide added value to the business.

KAP Sriyadi Elly Sugeng & Rekan established in 2003 by notarial deed No. 2 December 12, 2003 NY.  H.  Chusnul Chotimah Junaidi, SH as has been change in several times the last by notarial deed No. 01 August 03, 2015 of Onawati Dwiyanto, SH registered at South Jakarta District Court No. 282/A.DLL/HKM/2015PN JAK SEL dated August 10, 2015. KAP SES is registered Public Firm from Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia KMK No. 786/KM.1/2014.



Provide services with integrity, independence and profesional to build for growth your business



  • Providing services to provide solutions for our clients.
  • Creating added value and capabilities to enhance clients competitiveness in the industrial activity.
  • In an effort to fulfill client needs, we combine knowledge with our experience in the field of the particular industry.
  • Provide services to support and facilitate global marketplace commerce.
  • Provide services using technology to improve objectives and decision-making, including business application process, integrated system, management of knowledge, security system, and integration of new business process and practice.

Code of Conduct

We are behaving according to our code of conduct, to make our values continue to grow and our goals can be achieved.


We will remain respectful and relaxed at work, to create an environment where cynicism, oppression and violence is not acceptable.
We always put clients first, and providing best services while we keep being independent and professional.
Comfort at work based on mutual respect between the members will be continued and developed as part of our organizational culture.
Being objective, uphold truth and honesty is a shared commitment, as an assessment of the problems and related issues.